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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pretzel Delight for Jello Night

I decided to have jello night for book club this evening. The book we'd read was Bill Bryson's The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. One of the things mentioned is the high consumption of jello during his 1950's childhood in Iowa and the variety of "things in jello" recipes. So I decided to make Pretzel Delight, a jello dish that was served at many occasions during my husband's childhood. I also asked a friend to bring a jello dish. She brought an authentic 1950's jello salad.

Pretzel Delight is unlike any other jello dish I've ever eaten. This was the first time I've made it. It has three layers: a pretzel crust, a cream cheese filling, and a topping of strawberries in jello. The photo doesn't do it justice.

Nobody at book group, including my own children, had ever seen or tasted Pretzel Delight before this evening. Everyone seemed to find it a tasty novelty. Two took some home to the spouses. I'm considering that a hit.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

365-31 Airport: An End and a Beginning

This is the ceiling at the airport, from different angles.
Which shot do you like better?
My visit to the airport this evening marked the end of a different photography project. Last summer I began taking a photo every Sunday of our pastoral intern. These I emailed to his fiancee, who lived in England. I say lived, past tense, because this evening she arrived at our airport to stay! They will be married next month.

So my photo emailing project is over. I began it just thinking what fun it would be for her to get photos, but it was just as much a blessing to me. I enjoyed the email correspondence, getting to know the bride to be, praying for her throughout the INS process, just chatting. Tonight, I greeted a friend at the airport. What a wonderful beginning!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lumpy, Future Olympian

Not only is this Lumpy's first winter, but it is his first Olympics. He has never shown much interest in sporting events before, but this different. "It is international!" he repeats in awe. As those of you who know Lumpy have already guessed, he immediately began looking for athletes from two nations: Brazil and Switzerland. Sadly, he has seen no competitors from the "great nation of Brazil."

Switzerland has not disappointed him. Seven medals so far! Six for skiing. Can you guess what Lumpy has decided is "the most exciting sport ever?" Yes, skiing, in all its forms. He begged to be allowed to try it out for himself, convinced he would be "the best monkey skier in the world."

Never having seen another monkey on skis, I don't know whether this is true or not. He did manage to stay upright slightly more often than he fell over. I snapped these photos while cheering him on, "just like the moms at the Olympics."


Saturday, February 20, 2010


I'm crazy about these Swedish gingersnaps, Nyakers, and bought two tins of the valentine shaped ones on the 15th. Love post-holiday 50% off sales! Sadly, most of the hearts were broken, but, happily, broken cookie hearts taste just as good.


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

365 yellow wall trials

These are all the white balance settings on my camera, in order taken:


daywhite flourescent
daylight flourescent
manual (which really was not; the camera adjusted itself)

These were taken about 4pm on a cloudy, snowy day.
So the flash went off for all of them.

In none of these do the walls look their actual color, yellow, on my monitor.

Photos taken outdoors have accurate colors.

Indoor photos sometimes look a little off, but not as badly as in this room.

If every dog has his day, Tuesday was Trixie's.

It finally happened.

I let the dogs on my bed.

Life will never be the same.


A photography question: why do my yellow walls look peach in photos? I've tried the different flash settings, no flash, etc, but they always look peach. They are yellow. I like them until I take photos in those rooms. People, particularly my redheaded sons and myself, look really bad photographed in those rooms.

About this photo - you can see my shadow in the acrylic pane of the picture. The vintage Valentine is one of four I have hanging by my stairs. They hang there year round; I love seeing them every day.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inside-Out Squares

Fiber Friends, the monthly knit/crochet group I attend, is making surprise blankets for our founder, who is expecting twin girls! We'll each knit or crochet a nine inch square or two for the blankets.

As much as I wanted to get started knitting, I was having trouble finding something that worked to nine inches in worsted. I had about a half skein of pink Vanna's Choice left from my sister's hat that I wanted to use. After much searching, I found this pattern for a pretty square that begins at the center and works out. Brilliant! It worked up so quickly, that I decided to buy another skein and use the technique for another square.

I decided on a simple diagonal lace. Why? Because I knit it on Sunday morning, while listening to the musicians practice before church and during Sunday School - I wanted a pattern that didn't require thinking or looking at a chart or pattern. So diagonals it was.

This technique is wonderful - so easy to stop when I reach a nine inch block. So easy that I made another one with the diagonals going in the opposite direction the following Sunday.

(That last one is curling. It really is a square when it's flat. After they are sewn together with the other blocks, they'll all keep each other in shape.)

365-23* Reflection

Monday, February 8, 2010


I like this picture, not because I think it is a good shot, but because of the dogs so desperate to get back inside the warm, dry house instead of hanging outside with me while I photographed snow. Jeb is standing up so he can check for anyone inside who might take sympathy on a cold hound. Trixie is staring at me, shivering despite her wool sweater.

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View out the window from the Nature and Science Museum

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