Friday, March 19, 2010

365-46, 47, 48 Last Day of Winter


TexasHeather said...

ooh, I like all of those. I think the wheelbarrow against the fence is my favorite, for the nice long lines of the fence, and how the wheelbarrow intersects that.

I like the first one a lot, too, but want to see more of the pattern of the snow on the ground instead. Although it might not turn out as good for real as it does in my head; that happens to me a lot.

Good shots! I love the irony of the spring/summer items covered in snow!!

Raymonde said...

Wow, I always love shots of snow and cold weather. These entries are fantastic!
The weather has turned here, I am now in the Spring mood.
Have a great Saturday and a peaceful Sunday! xxx

Sherry said...

Great pics! :D Today is first day of spring and we got snow last night. LOL!

Tracy said...

PTL! Sending you warm wishes!

Anonymous said...

Aack - no snow!