Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clutter feels selfish

I was texting with a friend yesterday about library books and mentioned not having yet read a book I checked out last month. Then I clarified that I'd returned it as soon as I realized that I wasn't going to get to it quickly. I don't like having library books out that I'm not actively reading or about to read. It makes me feel selfish. I'm convinced that I might be keeping somebody else from reading that very book. I know with the holds system they could place a hold on it, but what about those people who were just browsing the shelves and might have stumbled upon it to their delight? I'd have stolen that delight, and I'd think that every time I saw the unread book sitting in the library box.

I feel the same way about my own unused or unloved stuff, ie. clutter. Later, I asked my son to load our old wobbly kitchen chairs in the van. I was so happy to see them go! These chairs, which we used all day, every day, for meals, school, and life for 17 years, are now so wobbly that I consider them a hazard to sit upon. I've been wanting them gone for quite a while, but somehow didn't do it. Yesterday, I just couldn't stand the sight of them anymore. I told my husband they needed to go to Salvation Army where they'd be repaired* and resold. I'm not sure why he didn't realize the fixing part before, but that was news to him, and he immediately agreed that they should go.

Anyway, this is a huge relief to me for the same reason that promptly returning my library books is. It feels selfish to me to see things sitting around my house unused or unloved, when I know that somebody else would use them. I always have a bag in progress of things to give away.

It's why I love loaning things to people, too. I don't often use my sewing machine, so I was thrilled to lend it to a friend last week. So, if you need to borrow something, just ask! Maybe I'll even give it to you.

* I did try to tighten them myself a few months ago. The screws are so old that they broke inside the wood, and I can't figure out how to get broken pieces of screws out of the wood.


MAAM said...

You've inspired me. I brought home 3 books on CD the other night. Started one yesterday, its not going to be my cup of tea as they say so its going back today. The one I told you I'd review I can't start- I left CD 1 in hubby's car.OOPS.

Missus Wookie said...

'Tis how I feel too - I love clearing just another bag out or lending something to someone. :)

Giovanna said...

I'm am so there with my dining room chairs as well. They lived with my mother for years and now have lived with us well past their years! They squeak, wobble, wiggle and giggle side to side and back and forth! I am so ready to let these go!

Maria Berg said...

Me too!
- " I always have a bag in progress of things to give away"
But I do feel guilt from time to time, I give it away i do not like it will somebody els like it or I just through it away?
I will let you know if I need something!


Maria Berg said...

Yes it was my 3 girls in the front but the boy in the end is a friend of ours.
My girls are 4, 7 and 9.5 years old.
That now will go downstairs and have a ice cream that I did by in the snow!