Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gardening dreams

My own garden's first blooms of spring - pretty little hyacinths!

Monday we cleaned up the front garden. We pulled out all the dead stuff and the grass that seems to grow under the snow, but only in the flower bed; planted a few new plants - dahlias and bleeding hearts; sprinkled on some plant food; and wished for the best.

I love flowers and having a garden, but I'm not any good at it. The survival rate for new plants is probably about 70%, which is an improvement. I've had a hard time learning what will grow in my yard. Despite loving the idea of using plants well adapted to this environment, I have only begun to do so reluctantly. It's such a great idea, but I'm not from here. The imaginary garden in my mind is not made of drought tolerant plants that live in harsh sun. It's a profusion of blooms just this side of neglect, a cottage garden on the verge of overtaking the cottage.

Slowly, though, I am learning what works. One day I might even have the garden I've so long imagined.


Missus Wookie said...

I like hyacinths - we have them here. Where we do have some cottage garden bits, however, anything that says, "Well drained soil" and almost anything that says, "Full sun" gets reluctantly skipped.

Suspect most people have similar problems. Although after a decade of digging in our home made compost and mulching yearly the soil is less heavy at least in the beds.

TexasHeather said...

Your hyacinths are adorable! Love them!

Sorry about the garden woes - I'm no good at it either. Our garden in this house was done by the owner before he moved out & rented to us, and is maintained by a very cheap gardener. If it were left to me, we'd see neglect and dead plants very, very soon. Even in this tropical "everything blooms all the time" environment....

Kathy C. said...

I love hyacinths, but they don't re-bloom here. :(

Sherry said...

Wow! THose are georgeous!

Amanda said...

Love hyacinths. I too love flowers but weeds dishearten me. I only try and plant perennials and use my planting zone to determine what to plant.... that means mostly crocus, tulips, hyacinths, muscari, daylily, rose of sharon, peony, iris, etc.