Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lightweight fuzzy softness

Last night, we attended the wedding of our friends whom I mentioned in this post. It was a lovely ceremony. The bride was beautiful. The groom could not stop smiling. The company and food was delightful.

I took the opportunity to buy a new dress for the wedding. I bought it last weekend. I decided I should make a shrug to go with it, because it would cover my arms and add a bit of warmth. That was Sunday. The wedding was Friday. So I went for a simple top down raglan.

Simple. Should have been simple. Should have been. Was not. This yarn, Karabella Lace Mohair, which is incredibly soft and warm and lightweight (I think I used about half the skein in total), stretched like crazy at the loose gauge I was knitting (size 10 needles). It grew as I knit, so much that I had to unravel quite a bit to get it down to a narrower size than what I'd normally need. That left it too short, so I had to add to the back's length.

Then it fit. At least, it fit at the beginning of the evening. It grew more as the evening went on. It did not stretch out to the point of falling off my shoulders, but it was close. I should also mention the shedding. My husband was a bit fuzzy himself by evening's end.

All that may sound like I'm unhappy with it, but I cannot be because this yarn is so unbelievably soft and light and warm. As open and airy as it is, it was actually quite warm. I wish I'd bought more of it when I did - at half price! - because with two skeins, I would knit an entire sweater from it.

(Photos were taken at the end of the evening and the next morning.)


TexasHeather said...

I am just in awe that you can merely decide on Sunday to knit a shrug to go with a dress you will wear on Friday. And then actually do it and it be wearable. And that you know enough about knitting to be able to adapt to and rise above the challenges presented by the yarn. And still make it work and it turn out so very, very pretty in the end.

I so need to learn a useful hobby, craft, thing like that.

So, ummm, wow. And, I LOVE the photo of the shrug hanging out in the snowy yard.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely photos! I've finally had a chance to browse today and leave comments.

To answer your question about the curlers: Yes, we love them. They always turn out so cute and my daughter's say they don't hurt to sleep with them on.

MAAM said...

I love the picture of your shrug blowing in the breeze with the snow in the background.