Thursday, April 1, 2010

365-62, Macro trials

I am attempting to figure out the macro setting. It does not seem like I can get as close to the subject as I should. I'd like opinions on whether I'm doing something poorly or whether I'm expecting too much of my camera (Casio Exilim, p&s).

This big one, #62, is my best attempt, I think, but, as you can see, I wasn't very close to the lilac bush. This was as close as I could get without losing focus.

The smaller images are other attempts, showing various degrees of success. The in focus ones are shot at the closest distance that kept focus. The others were my attempts to move closer to the subject. All of these were taken in the natural light.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Anonymous said...

You're getting there! I'm going to email you privately, hope that is okay.

Amanda said...

You did good! I think using the Macro setting can be tricky. Keep at it and soon you'll be taking them like a pro.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jowanna can help you out! Just keep shooting and find your manual, maybe that will help

Tracy said...

Not quite...keep it up!
Take the shot on a normal setting and then on macro and SEE the dif.

Maria Berg said...

I do not know your camera but some cameras you can not get any closer,

Happy Easter,

Amanda said...

My P&S didn't allow for macro shots so I don't know how to help. Hopefully someone at the Project 365 can help.