Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look-At books

Earlier this year, I put a list of books I've read on the blog. I only list those I read cover to cover. If I lose interest or skim, they don't make the list. That means there are a lot of books that don't make the list.

With only a rare exception here and there, most of the unlisted books are like the ones in this stack. Various books from the library, heavy on illustrations, that I browse through while sitting with my husband and watching tv. Some of them get put down quickly, but some are real gems. That DK Sewing book is very informative, for example, and the haircutting for dummies book, too. There are none in this pile, but knitting books are often among my Look-Ats.

They are all library books, so I thought I'd show my library book storage system. It is under the sofa table. We frequent several different library systems, so the books are divided by library into different bins.

The bins were a post-Christmas clearance find at Target a couple years ago.

That black bag at the end belongs to the library, too. That is the book group bag I'll be returning today.

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