Friday, April 16, 2010

Lumpy's Spring Break: The End

Before heading home, we visited Haight Ashbury, the former hippie hotspot, now home to Ben and Jerry's; "vintage" shops selling the clothing of our own youth; and young girls shopping with Starbucks cups in hand. We went into a sock shop and look who we met - another sock monkey!

Sadly, this monkey had no name, but he did have a nice handknit scarf and hat set, so somebody must be looking out for him.

I hope you enjoyed traveling with Lumpy!


C said...

I was fortunate to spend my spring break traveling with a beautiful woman and a funny monkey.

I wanted to share with the group that I have watched as most of these photographs were taken. She uses a $100, point and shoot, tiny digital camera. She rarely takes multiple pictures of the same subject, and she never uses any type of software to edit the photographs. In short, she has a natural eye and amazing ability to compose a shot.

I wonder what she could do with good equipment and post production software : )

MAAM said...

well C I totally agree with you. The lovely lady has a phenomenal talent and creative genius. Perhaps you should get her the nice equipment and see what she can do. ;) I've alredy tried to talk her into publishing it all in digital scrapbook.

Missus Wookie said...

Neat trip report - didn't Lumpy get to have any ice cream or a starbucks? Poor monkey....

Oh and C - Definitely see what she can do with a better camera :)

Amanda said...

YAY! He met a cousin! or maybe just a new friend?! Nice!

Robin said...

This picture is too funny!! Sock wall..sock monkeys...BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!