Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lumpy's Spring Break: Point Reyes and Muir Woods

We drove out to Point Reyes and Muir Woods one day.

Lumpy liked the lighthouse, but the only whale he saw was this one. Not very realistic is it? We told him so, but he insisted on the photo.

We saw this little palm tree growing on the rocks, but upon closer inspection, it seems to be an aloe vera plant! Pretty cool - not that it made up for not seeing whales.

Of course, that big aloe was nothing compared to the giant redwoods! Lumpy was very excited at being amidst such tall trees.

He is much too fast, and the trees much too tall, so I could not get a shot of him scampering up the trees, but he agreed to pose nicely on a fallen tree before we ended our day.

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Amanda said...

Love the lighthouse picture and the picture of the you (is that you?) near a Redwood. Cool!