Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love Note Pillow

My husband does not care about decorative pillows. I know this. (I suspect the love of decorative and excess pillows will be one day discovered to exist only on the X chromosome.) Yet, I wanted to make him one anyway. I go away for the month of July, and I wanted to leave him a love note. One he'd see every day, throughout the day, and maybe smile. Or, at least, think what a silly wife he has.

So I made him this little (11x11 ish) pillow, with a phrase we've always said to one another.

I showed the start of it the other day, the backstitch lettering on a piece of cross stitch linen I had on hand. I used to cross stitch quite a bit, and have a nice supply of floss, a few unused pieces of linen, and the frames and whatnot.

I don't have much of a fabric stash, so I bought two fat quarters for the backing and binding. Remembering how to make and apply the bias tape was the most difficult part. I don't think I got the end finished off quite right, but I'm happy enough with it. I love the width I settled on. You can't really see it in the photo, but the back is an envelope, just two pieces of fabric that overlap, no closure.

The pillow itself I made from an old mattress pad whose elastic had died. I tend to save those, convinced they'd be good quilt batting should I ever take up quilting, which I think about.

I'm thinking that next I should make a little quilt for Trixie. Perhaps it would keep her from burrowing under my husband's pillows and messing up the bed. I like a neatly made bed. It increases my happiness factor enormously.


Lil Seesta said...

Now that is just flat out, straight up wonderful -- in every sense.

C said...

Pillow talk.