Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SSN: Colorado has fewer mosquitos.

Drier, breezier climate is less mosquito friendly than humid and swampy.

365-133 Kayaking: I think I'm hooked

I went kayaking with a friend today and had a fantastic time!  
Sadly and oddly, I lived most of my life relatively near the water, but I never spent any time on it.  

(I took the p&s; didn't trust myself with the expensive dsl on a first time kayak trip.
None of the photos taken while in the kayak were well focused.  Wobbling about will do that.)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SSN: Nights are cool in Colorado.

The temperature goes down with the sun in Colorado, and I enjoy sleeping with my windows open.


365-131 Bokeh happens

The Canon Rebel makes pretty bokeh with no special effort on my part, unlike my little Exilim, which thwarts all my efforts at it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

SSN - The sky is beautiful in Colorado.

SSN = Say Something Nice

In Colorado, almost every day, the sky is a gorgeous, intense blue.  It is beautiful and big.  The horizon is far off, and blue sky stretches forever over the plains.


Aren't these huge mushrooms freaky looking?  We spotted them at a rest area in PA while walking Trixie.


I love it when parents let their little ones make their own fashion statement.

I promise I will get back on track.

Last week VBS pretty much wiped me out.  That plus the other things I need to do at the last minute, just before departing for my month long visit with family.  Then the cross country drive.

Today, I woke up at my mom's house, and I should soon be snapping pics and posting again.  I'm borrowing a canon rebel while I'm here, which is rather daunting to me, but I'll look over the little direction book and start sharing photos as soon as I get a card reader.

When I am here, I am generally wishing I lived in this area.  Not this particular 'burb where my mother lives, but the metro area.  This will be particularly difficult this year because my baby boy is not returning west with us.  He will be living in northern VA with Grandma, my birthmom.  I've been wanting to move to VA for years now, so the fact that I wish I could be my son's neighbor does not make me a stalker mom.    Not at all.

So I think I'll be trying to post something nice about living in Colorado every day, to keep me from dreaming too much about moving.  We'll see if it works.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Read any good books lately?

Recently, as you may have noticed if you've looked at my booklist, I've been primarily reading non-fiction.  Light non-fiction.  Nothing academic or hard to read.  More self-helpish books than I've ever read.  Okay, so they aren't self-help in the usual meaning, but if you look at the list you'll see what I mean.  Things that I've not generally been drawn to in the past.  Memoirs, yes, biographies, yes, books about food and hair and happiness?  That's new for me.  Have I suddenly turned hungry, vain, and giddy in my dotage?  I barely cook and doing my hair = brushing it.  (The hair book was really not as interesting as I'd expected.  The book about pie, on the other hand, was a fun read - and had recipes, which I intended to copy before returning the book, but decided it could wait until fall when I want to turn the oven on again.)

The other day at the library I picked up a novel by Alexander McCall Smith, The Unbearable Lightness of Scones, because I've so enjoyed the others in this series.  (I love the way he writes about human foibles and how he captures a location by writing not about it, but about its inhabitants.  It makes me want to visit Edinburgh reading this series.)  I'm almost a quarter through....but I just have not got into it.  Normally, I'd have devoured it in a day or two.

Maybe this summer, meaning in July when I'm at my mom's house, I'll check it out from her library.  Or maybe I'll finish it before I go.  The mood may hit in the next week.  Reading is such an excellent way to while away* a hot afternoon.  However, I have a book about escaping Nazi Germany and moving to China downstairs, too, so that may win.  I guess it will depend on how tired I am from crafting at vbs next week.

I already have emailed myself a short list of books to look for when I'm away in July - just in case I don't think of any while I'm there (as if that has ever happened).  A couple summers ago I read every Jane Austen I'd not already read.  Oh, reminds me, there's a book called something like How Jane Austen Conquered the World that I wanted to check out, too.  I need to add that to the list, because I don't think I'll have time to read it before I go.

*After I typed "while away," looking at it, I became unsure whether the word should be "while" or "wile," so I googled it.  Both are used, but "while" is the older usage of the two, so I stuck with it.  Googling is so incredibly handy, but such a time sucker because I always have to read at least three articles on a subject, not trusting that the first hit will be accurate.

Introducing ........

We enjoyed reading every letter and story and name that was proposed.   Thanks for helping me celebrate my blogiversary, and thank you to all those who didn't enter but read my blog and leave comments for me.  I appreciate each one of you.
Giovanna, I'll send Saki on his way home as soon as you send me his new address!
We are all very excited that Saki will be going to a such a wonderful home.

I had never heard of saki monkeys until my son googled them yesterday evening.  I include the link in case anyone else would like to see and read about them.  Doubly clever name:  perfect!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is my favorite of the roses in my own yard.  
It's one those that blooms all summer and doesn't require pruning.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lumpy and ????????

Lumpy has been enjoying having a new friend around.  
Don't forget to enter by Thursday to win the Kravitzing Blogiversary sock monkey!
(Lumpy is on the left, in case you don't recognize him.)


Monday, June 14, 2010



I transplanted this peony several years ago and have yet to see a a bloom on it.  Looks like this may be the year!  Last year, it had a couple buds, but they opened empty - not a fully petaled bloom, just a few petals.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

365-123 Broken

The shortest lifespan for a purse ever in my life.  I just bought this purse at the end of winter.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My blogiversary is one week away, and there will be a giveaway!

I want to do something special and interactive to celebrate my blogiversary with my readers, and what could be more special and interactive than a giveaway?  And what better prize - and nod to Lumpy, the monkey who started it all - than a handmade sock monkey?

However, it would be hard for me to send an innocent monkey into a stranger's home.  Who knows what dangers may await?  Would there be love and companionship or would there be a short life as a canine's chew toy?

So, because it's my blog and I make the rules, there will be no random number generator or pulling names from a hat.  No, this is a good old fashioned give-it-your-best contest.

So here are the rules:

This made by me monkey is awaiting both a name and a new home.  If you would like to provide that home, tell me what name you would bestow.  Please present any reasons or arguments on why your name is the best.  You are free to say anything* about your home or family that you think would influence the judges (my family), but the name is most important.

The winner will be announced on Friday, June 18th - my first blogiversary!  You may enter by commenting here or by email, anytime between now and Thursday the 17th.

*Truth is encouraged, yet highly embellished storytelling will not be penalized.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I often think it myself.

Trixie is Agile.

We visited a dog park today that had a small agility course and thought, "Why not?"  Trixie was hesitant at first, but she took to it quickly.  The ramp was the easiest for her.  She seemed to like climbing up to our level.  The other two - jumping through the hoop and the tunnel - required treats for coaxing.  Once she got the hang of them, though, she seemed to enjoy it.  She sure did leave tired!


This little cowboy is emptying water out of his boot.

Fast Water

This morning we drove up to Estes Park to look at the river overflowing.  Yes, I'm geeky like that.  It wasn't dangerous, and we weren't in the way.  Other than warning people to stay out of it (there've already been deaths), there was nothing to do about it.
This was the only damage we saw.  The foundation for this nice patio was pulled out from under it and it collapsed.  

You can see here how much concrete is covered with water.

Rushing water.  It was so loud.  And cold.  (The clouds might look stormy, but they are not.  It was early morning, and they hadn't moved off the mountains yet.)

Sandbags.  The water had gone down considerably since Sunday night, when we saw it on the news. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monkeys Can't Read

Or so Lumpy claims.
Some days.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

365-119, Reflective Chalk Art

This work of art gets a post of its own because it was the most unusual technique we saw.  The metal pillar at center reflects what only looks abstract on the ground.

Chalk Art Festival

After church and lunch today, we went to the Chalk Art Festival.  Blazing hot sun, several of the artists looked a bit burnt, but they were hard at work.  I found it as interesting to watch them create as I found the artwork itself.  Maybe, no, definitely, more.  It was fascinating.

I don't know if I took a photo of the winner, as the awards ceremony isn't until later this evening, but I did snap a few.
Notice how this artist's tattoo matches the colours in his painting?

This is a painting of the scary bright blue giant horse with red lights for eyes that is out by the airport.  This one seemed popular with the crowds, as this statue is often talked about.

The only artist I saw wearing rubber gloves.

I particularly liked this one.  Here, the artist is using a sponge to apply the black background.

It's a two day event; by this afternoon, most artists were nearing completion.

As I said, I found it fascinating to watch the artists at work.

Resting after the work is done.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

365-111,112,113,114 Japanese Garden

Fun to visit and photograph, but I wouldn't want to live with a Japanese style garden.  
I feel at home in profusions of color and flowers on the verge of going wild.