Wednesday, June 30, 2010

365-133 Kayaking: I think I'm hooked

I went kayaking with a friend today and had a fantastic time!  
Sadly and oddly, I lived most of my life relatively near the water, but I never spent any time on it.  

(I took the p&s; didn't trust myself with the expensive dsl on a first time kayak trip.
None of the photos taken while in the kayak were well focused.  Wobbling about will do that.)


Jenn said...

Great composition. Love the colors of the kayaks!

Anonymous said...

Kayaks are wobbly! I do love this shot. The kayaks in the foreground make it very pleasing.

Maria Berg said...

I do canoeing feel afraid in a kayak.

mushrooms freaky looking - YES they do.

And it is fun when the children dress the self!

I good book I did read -


Missus Wookie said...

I like Kayaking, not done it in years... they don't let you on the Thames were we are, something about it being a commerical port :)