Monday, June 28, 2010

I promise I will get back on track.

Last week VBS pretty much wiped me out.  That plus the other things I need to do at the last minute, just before departing for my month long visit with family.  Then the cross country drive.

Today, I woke up at my mom's house, and I should soon be snapping pics and posting again.  I'm borrowing a canon rebel while I'm here, which is rather daunting to me, but I'll look over the little direction book and start sharing photos as soon as I get a card reader.

When I am here, I am generally wishing I lived in this area.  Not this particular 'burb where my mother lives, but the metro area.  This will be particularly difficult this year because my baby boy is not returning west with us.  He will be living in northern VA with Grandma, my birthmom.  I've been wanting to move to VA for years now, so the fact that I wish I could be my son's neighbor does not make me a stalker mom.    Not at all.

So I think I'll be trying to post something nice about living in Colorado every day, to keep me from dreaming too much about moving.  We'll see if it works.


Amanda said...

NoVA is a busy, overcrowded place but the opportunities are limitless and being so close to the Nations capital is pretty cool!

MAAM said...

Would daily emailing of a reason to live here make me a bad friend?

Sheila Porter said...

Now I know why I was immediately drawn to you. Been scrolling through your past posts. Agree with the SSNs, but would rather live in Virginia even if the humidity is horrible this time of year!