Friday, June 18, 2010

Introducing ........

We enjoyed reading every letter and story and name that was proposed.   Thanks for helping me celebrate my blogiversary, and thank you to all those who didn't enter but read my blog and leave comments for me.  I appreciate each one of you.
Giovanna, I'll send Saki on his way home as soon as you send me his new address!
We are all very excited that Saki will be going to a such a wonderful home.

I had never heard of saki monkeys until my son googled them yesterday evening.  I include the link in case anyone else would like to see and read about them.  Doubly clever name:  perfect!


Lynn said...

Congratulation of G! Hope she posts so pictures of his new home!

Giovanna said...

Oh we are so excited about Saki coming to live with us! We will get his bed ready and make sure that there are lots of bananas waiting for him!
Thank you , thank you, thank you : )

Ulla said...

Congratulations to Giovanna! The best story won, I must say.