Friday, June 11, 2010

My blogiversary is one week away, and there will be a giveaway!

I want to do something special and interactive to celebrate my blogiversary with my readers, and what could be more special and interactive than a giveaway?  And what better prize - and nod to Lumpy, the monkey who started it all - than a handmade sock monkey?

However, it would be hard for me to send an innocent monkey into a stranger's home.  Who knows what dangers may await?  Would there be love and companionship or would there be a short life as a canine's chew toy?

So, because it's my blog and I make the rules, there will be no random number generator or pulling names from a hat.  No, this is a good old fashioned give-it-your-best contest.

So here are the rules:

This made by me monkey is awaiting both a name and a new home.  If you would like to provide that home, tell me what name you would bestow.  Please present any reasons or arguments on why your name is the best.  You are free to say anything* about your home or family that you think would influence the judges (my family), but the name is most important.

The winner will be announced on Friday, June 18th - my first blogiversary!  You may enter by commenting here or by email, anytime between now and Thursday the 17th.

*Truth is encouraged, yet highly embellished storytelling will not be penalized.


Sarah said...

I'm going to think very hard about this.

Ulla said...

I admire your decision, and will start thinking about a good name and good reasons.

Anonymous said...

Earle. His name shall be Earle. He will be Earle of my castle, that needs a prince to look over the finite details of my life. Particularly to tell me to look up and smile once in a while!
I promise, Earle, I will not disobey your commands to lighten up and hang out in a tree once in awhile!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sock Monkey Host Family:

I was instantly in love with this Sock Monkey upon seeing his picture. My heart has always wanted one of my very own. I hope you find my letter to be at the top of the list.

Now I know your host Mom has seen my blog so she might be concerned about my house. Not only do I have four children (who are VERY well behaved), but I have a sock monkey that I'm knitting that well... is headless.

But winning you, dear sock monkey, would give me cause to finish the project. Then, see, you would have a friend to spend your days with and stories of how you came to be.

As for your name, I love chocolate so much, and since I will love you equally, I will give you the name Cocoa. Cocoa is the base for so many good things and I know you will bring many good and happy things to my home.

Sincerely yours,


MAAM said...

His name shall be Jack.

Jack, because it would constantly remind me of the early days of my friendship with his creator.

Jack, because when I think of a Jack, I think of a rascally pirate with a good heart and when I think of a monkey, I think of a rascally animal with a good heart. (just like Lumpy)

Should Jack come to reside in my home, he will be quite loved (and since he is hairless, safe from the prodigy hair stylist in residence)by 2 adorable little girls in addition to myself.

Furthermore, I'd even allow visitation with Lumpy when he is on the RIGHT coast on which all of my friends SHOULD live.

The Reader said...

I will be thinking on this, as I figure out the perfect name for our future sock monkey companion. As we've already got 3, one for each boy, he'll have plenty of playmates, be well loved, find himself full of adventure, and, well, I'll save it for the actual entry when I have consulted his future owners and come up with the perfect name for him. Because I tend to be wordy, I'll send our real entry via email, most likely....

What a fun contest and awesome way to celebrate your 1 yr blogiversary!!! So fun; I've been checking in from on the road just so I don't miss this.

The Reader said...

Argh! Blogger keeps eating my entries; if you get this 300 times, just pick the best one!

Much discussion with the family and we've all agreed on The Name Not Yet Used: Theodred. Honor, valor, courage - all qualities we are certain our monkey holds.

We offer a home with 3 monkey companions, a pampered sleeping space in the bed of Eldest Male, who'd be his Papa, adventures galore, a Monkey First Aid Kit, just in case, and the promise to keep Lumpy & Friends updated via photos & journal entries. He'd be well loved, and very, very happy. We can't wait to welcome him home!

Ulla said...

His name would be Jumpy, for obvious reasons, like that he is coming from Lumpy's family, and he looks like a great jumper. I would offer him a home abroad, the companion of two well-behaved but also adventurous kids, Ann and Andy Raggedy, and a pet-free, safe environment. I would occasionally take him with me on photo shooting trips so you could follow his life in his new family. Our TV programs are with subtitles so he would hear English every day if he wants.

Giovanna said...

I would name him Saki and he would come to live with me and my three little ones. We are a sad and lonely family, being that we don't have any sock monkeys, like some of the other families. We mope around all day without happiness or joy in our lives fore we know that somewhere there is a sweet little sock monkey that is looking for a family to love and cherish.
If we were to get him, we know that our sadness would vanish forever. His smile would fill our days with joy! He would have fun being included in tea parties with my daughter and would love spending time playing with cars and building blocks with my two sons. He would have a warm bed to sleep in, a beautiful back yard to relax in and most of all a family to love him. Till we meet sweet Saki, we can only dream of his love.

Anonymous said...

He is just adorable. My brain is on total overload after being so sick but I did ask my girls for a name and they loved the named Rascal. He looks fun and exciting and would probably enjoy getting into trouble with the dogs. Of course, he'd have to put with all the girly frills of being dressed up in dresses, bloomers, bonnets and bows! Of course, we'd have to find him a baseball cap and my husband would probably like to have a partner for riding his horse.

Primarily though, we wanted to wish you a Happy 1st Blogoversary!

I'm wiped out from the fevers and that's the best I can come up with right now...hehe!

May your little friend find a good home!

Tracy said...

So fun!

Sarah said...

With much thought, I have come up with Mr. Monk as his name. Last year I watched all of the Monk series on DVD and truly, Adrian Monk was a wonderful character. If you haven't watched that show...I really think you would love it.