Sunday, July 18, 2010

365-157 Playing around with manual focus

Since I'm so far behind in my 365, I'm numbering this pair of shots from today's "practice manual focus in close up mode" session.  

If these do not look in focus, please tell me.  I wear pretty strong prescription glasses and am never quite certain whether what I think is in focus looks that way to others.  I did wait until I got my new pair this week to try manual focusing.  (Well, almost.  I took the spider web before I got the new glasses.)


Giovanna said...

They look like they are in focus. How strong is your script? I have to wear contacts and am a
-4.75 with a stigmatism. I can't stand wearing glasses though, cause they give me a headache no matter how light the frames are : ) I like the R2D2 figure, how cute!

Jennifer said...

Giovanna, I haven't had eyesight that good in more years than I know! I'm at -8 in one eye and -9 in the other. An astigmatism, too.

Jenn said...

They are in great focus. And wow...I thought my eyes were bad. I have astigmatism also.

Tracy said...

Great job!