Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lumpy at the beach

Did you think I'd left Lumpy at home?  

Would I do a thing like that?  No.  Lumpy came to the beach with us.  So did Loosey Lucy, but she stayed in the rooms the entire trip.  It rained while we were there, so, unfortunately, I did not get pictures of Lumpy playing in the waves or laying under the beach umbrella, but here are a few taken on other days.

I am sad to report that my daughter has reached the age where she finds Lumpy to be a public embarrassment.   She agreed to pose with him in front of the wild ponies anyway.   For only one shot.  Then she distanced herself from Lumpy and me.

Lumpy experienced his first crab feast:  No, he did not eat all those all by himself.  He did plead to be the first to "whack a crab" with the hammer, though, so we gave him that honor.

He declared crabs, "Dangerously Delicious."  I think that was because he'd seen a blue crab trying to pinch someone earlier on a dock.  Nothing dangerous about them once they are steamed and seasoned.


Katia said...

Hi Jennifer. I have always wanted to have one of these little guys. I think they are adorable!
Love your pictures!
I can remember when my DD didn't want to be found holding a doll in public :( They grow up so fast!

Anonymous said...

Lumpy is always such a happy subject, isn't he? He makes the pictures smile! I wonder what your daughter thought when you posed lumpy in the resturant, for all to see! Fun photos! I'll be at the beach next week, but no Lumpy unfortunately!

Giovanna said...

how cute! He looks cute on the pier!

Jenn said...

Embarrassing??!! Too cute. I guess it is time to realize she is growing up. I will be so sad when that day comes for me.

Love the pic of Lumpy on the pier!!!

Ulla said...

Oh, be grateful she's only embarrased to be be seen with Lumpy; sometimes they grow up not wanting to be seen with their parents.
Looks like Lumpy had a lovely time.