Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free photo editing software?

Can anyone recommend a free photo editing program for me?  I'm an absolute beginner, so easy to use would be good. 


Missus Wookie said...

Picassa from Google is highly recommended and there are hints on

Won't work with my Mac, I've got a very ancient Photoshop Elements we got cheap.

Katia said...

I have just discovered both photobucket and Picasa. If you go from your Google account, it takes you in to Picasa, then click the edit button next to your photo. I like both of them, and the best thing "It's free".

Lynn said...

I've been blessed with photoshop and now lightroom, but I have heard from others that Picasa is very good, including organizing photos as well as editing.

The Reader said...

The benefit to picasa - blogger automatically stores any photo you have posted to your blog into a picasa web album. If you click around your dashboard into "my account" (or your google account) and log in, you'll find a picasa web album in your name. Or, go to picasa web albums while logged into your blog, and it will open on your page with your album. All photos on your blog will be there (they are already set to private).

Give it a go!

Katie said...

I've used Picasa for the last year or more and LOVE it! For free, it's definitely the program I'd recommend.