Friday, August 13, 2010

Mountain Lions: Beware

Trixie will drag you into her lair.
Rip you open with her tiny, sharp teeth.
Tear out your entrails....
....but not even eat them.  Just spit them out.
Then gnaw on your bones.

Should I even bother to re-stuff and sew the poor thing back up again?  She played happily with her toys for over a year, attacking, wrestling, pulling out tufts of fur.  Then one day Jeb demonstrated that you can tear them open and remove their innards.  Now, it's fluff everywhere, every time we let her play with the mountain lion.  The moose fell victim to Jeb before he moved away; there wasn't enough left to repair.


Anonymous said...

Cute!! But re-stuffing again! That could take awhile this time.

Jenn said...

That is funny! So when you restuff the animal you place the bone in there??? Too cute!

Jennifer said...

Jenn, Trixie likes to keep all her toys together, so the nylabone was nearby and ready to be chewed when she was done de-fluffing the lion. I think you can see the foot of her minnie mouse in the photos, too. I really do not want to encourage the defluffing. It is such a mess!

Tracy said...