Saturday, September 18, 2010

Russian Festival

Today we went to a Russian Festival at a Russian Orthodox Church.  
Good food, good music, dancing children, bright colors -  a fun day!
These three little ones could not resist dancing to the music of the balalaika.  
So sweet!  The music was excellent.
This girl was my favorite.  I didn't see her without a smile all afternoon.  No posing here.  
She was just walking by me, selling her buns, smiling away. 
The beautiful Borzoi!
This young woman was some sort of welcome committee of one.  
I do not know the significance of the bread.  It was not for sale.  

8 comments: said...

That first one is so colorful! Looks like it was fun!

Lynn said...

The costumes are great. Ukrainian bread symbolizes prosperity, divinity, and hospitality. Where I live, our land was given away to Ukraine farmers to help build our area of Canada. I'm not as I'm transplanted in the west from eastern Canada where settlers were from England, Scotland, Ireland. I'm grateful for the diversity of North America! Lets me eat pyrogies and scones!

Missus Wookie said...

Gorgeous colours and costumes.

Jenn said...

Look at all the happiness going on in these pictures. What a fun, fun day! That bread in the last picture looks like it would have been YUMMY!!!!

Giovanna said...

what great costumes and colors! I love to see little ones dressed up and having a great time like that!

Tracy said...

Very cool! We have a Greek Fest here.

Katia said...

What a very fun outing. Beautiful costumes! Your other shots are beautiful too. Loved the book biding place!

Amanda said...

Such beautiful costumes! Looks like a great festival.