Sunday, October 31, 2010

Packing Paralysis

Packing paralysis:  does anyone else suffer from this?  Every time I travel (except when I go home for the summer) I have this last minute indecisiveness. my destination, not being sure I should trust it, second guessing myself over important issues like which cardigan is the most versatile and should I take alternate weather wear just in case and what if I do go out and need a dress and why don't I own the perfect fall skirt and do grey tights really go with red shoes?  Stuff like that.  Which leaves me unable to put anything in a suitcase at all, until I want to go to bed and then I just throw in the same things I always wear.  Which are fine.  They always are.  Until I see photos of myself and wonder, "What was I thinking????"  I think that when I see photos of myself at home, too.  So I guess it really is fine.

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Leslee said...

I suffer from this same paralysis!! I much prefer driving to vacation as I am allowed more room to be indicisive!