Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My first use of an editing button other than crop:  warmify.  I am not convinced it is an improvement (as opposed to being just slightly different).  What do you think?  Does it change the feel for you?  Does it seem to misrepresent the day, which was quite cold and windy?   Am I the only person reluctant to do any editing at all to photographs?  I tend to feel like I'm cheating a bit even to crop my photos, so I rarely do anything at all to them. 


The Reader said...

Well, I always love your photos, even without editing, so I say if it bugs you, don't do it - you clearly don't need to.

As for is it cheating - I will sometimes do b&w or sepia. I will sometimes do contrast/color/exposure though I've started less and less often doing anything other than auto correction to fix the exposure. That one I look at as equivalent to what a film processor would do to film if I took it in - fix the lighting, etc.

The many currently en vogue actions and grungifying and texturizing and what-not - not my thing. At all. And even tweaking the contrast/color I find winds up giving a false look sometimes.

Your 2 photos - the warmified one does look, well, warmer. yes, it seems like a sunny day whereas the lighting in the unaltered seems like a gray and cloudy or overcast day. If you are wanting to convey that it was cold that day, stick with the unaltered one.

But in general I don't think a slight tweak is bad - I'll use it if I used the wrong setting on my camera in the first place and the tweak makes it closer to what I remember having seen with my eyes while there, ya know?

And I agree - different, but not necessarily better. said...

I like the colors in the one on the left.

Missus Wookie said...

I think it would depend on what you remember the colours being like in real life. I like them both.

Leslee said...

I actually prefer the photo on the right... I like the overcast feel as it works better with the 'barn'!