Thursday, December 23, 2010

thoughts on: The Great Mountain to Mountain Safari

The Great Mountain to Mountain SafariThe Great Mountain to Mountain Safari by Cindy Vine

I won this through Goodreads.  I expected a memoir of Vine's roadtrip, but it is more of a travel guide.  She does write about her encounters with border patrols or mentions wildlife sitings, but more attention is given to naming places to eat or hotels.  At the close of the book, she tells us that  her relationship with her daughter grew during their trip, but she doesn't share those changes with the reader.  Nor does she tell us at all about her vacation at her destination, Cape Town.

As a travel guide, I think it would be excellent.  She includes her daily expenses and recommendations (or not) of places to stay and eat along the road. However, I don't anticipate any road trips through Africa in my foreseeable future. 

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Anonymous said... do you win books at Goodreads? A Safari isn't on my bucket list either but thanks for the review!