Friday, April 30, 2010

365-91 Mystery Photo Revealed

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Recognize this? Make a guess.
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Shaker Lemon Pie

A couple weeks ago, I'd never heard of Shaker lemon pie. Then I was looking through a book about pies, aptly titled Pie, Pie, Pie, and there it was: a pie formerly unbeknownst to me made of lemons, thinly sliced, macerated in sugar, and baked in a shell. I could not stop thinking about it, even after returning the book. I googled it. There were recipes all over the web for this pie made of whole lemons, peel and all, invented by the Shakers, a people who did not waste.

I used this recipe, because a) it was simple and b) it was essentially the same as the one in the Pie book.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I took the risk of inviting friends over to eat an untested recipe with us yesterday evening. Delicious! Good pie and good company - what could be better?

The photo of the 3/4 eaten pie is, admittedly, not appealing. It tasted far better than it looked at that point.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

365-89 Gluten free peanut butter cookies

Last Sunday, it was our turn to take refreshments to church. We have a couple families that are gluten intolerant, and I always like to have something for them to enjoy, too. Sweets are so beloved by me, I just hate to think of a little girl only being able to eat a banana while all the other children eat cake or cookies.

So I took a break from rice krispie treats and made these ridiculously easy cookies: 1 cup peanut butter, 1 scant cup sugar, 1 egg. That's it. Bake 10 minutes at 350. Makes 12-15 cookies. Easy to increase, too, which I did, six-fold.

A note: they will not look quite done at 10 minutes. They are. Let them sit on the pan a couple minutes before taking them off, and they won't fall apart. They will stay nicely chewy.

(I think next time I will reduce the sugar to 3/4 cup. They are not tooth-achingly sweet, but that really seems like a lot of sugar for a dozen cookies, doesn't it?)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Who let that dog on my bed?
Oh, yes, that was me....but I didn't give him permission to use the pillows!

Look-At books

Earlier this year, I put a list of books I've read on the blog. I only list those I read cover to cover. If I lose interest or skim, they don't make the list. That means there are a lot of books that don't make the list.

With only a rare exception here and there, most of the unlisted books are like the ones in this stack. Various books from the library, heavy on illustrations, that I browse through while sitting with my husband and watching tv. Some of them get put down quickly, but some are real gems. That DK Sewing book is very informative, for example, and the haircutting for dummies book, too. There are none in this pile, but knitting books are often among my Look-Ats.

They are all library books, so I thought I'd show my library book storage system. It is under the sofa table. We frequent several different library systems, so the books are divided by library into different bins.

The bins were a post-Christmas clearance find at Target a couple years ago.

That black bag at the end belongs to the library, too. That is the book group bag I'll be returning today.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sewing Saturday

Saturday I pulled out my sewing machine and made a pair of matching skirts for Zippy and Tallulah. Lucy agreed to model one, and Lumpy just wanted to be in the picture.

I would like to say these were easy-peasy, but I am such a poor seamstress that I cannot. I can say that the second was more than twice as quickly done than the first, and that I was not so discouraged that I don't still plan to make a couple more things for the cousins before I pop these in the mail. Or not. Depending on my mood.

The little photo shows the tail opening. A necessity for an active monkey.

I did learn two important lessons: rethread the machine after making tension changes and don't try to sew self adhesive velcro. If those seem self-evident to you, you will now understand why it would take me hours to sew such a small and simple skirt.


My little lap warmer.


Sorry for posting so many on one day. I really have been taken photos (almost) daily, even though I haven't been posting them daily.


My neighbor's crabapple tree


Chocolate cake

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I love bald babies.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I love hats. I don't wear this one often because it flies off too easily in wind, and we get lots of wind. Today, it was drizzly, a bit on the cold side, and not at all windy, so I grabbed it.

Then I decided to do a quick self portrait, in the hold the camera out in front of my own face way that I adore. I don't know why, but I find taking my own picture in this way insanely amusing. The shoot at the mirror method doesn't entertain me at all, even though it probably works better. Anyway, here I am. I think this is my third self portrait for the year, but the first using my usual technique.

Malinki, in blue

My daughter has been creating and sewing costumes for her little dogs lately. This is her most recent. I call it Musketeer Malinki. I was thinking Robin Hood at first, but this blue, no, it is not for a man of Sherwood, but a brave musketeer.

Malinki is the most beloved of all the little dogs, being the first she received, as a homecoming gift. His name is simply the Russian word for small.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lumpy's Spring Break: The End

Before heading home, we visited Haight Ashbury, the former hippie hotspot, now home to Ben and Jerry's; "vintage" shops selling the clothing of our own youth; and young girls shopping with Starbucks cups in hand. We went into a sock shop and look who we met - another sock monkey!

Sadly, this monkey had no name, but he did have a nice handknit scarf and hat set, so somebody must be looking out for him.

I hope you enjoyed traveling with Lumpy!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lumpy's Spring Break: Point Reyes and Muir Woods

We drove out to Point Reyes and Muir Woods one day.

Lumpy liked the lighthouse, but the only whale he saw was this one. Not very realistic is it? We told him so, but he insisted on the photo.

We saw this little palm tree growing on the rocks, but upon closer inspection, it seems to be an aloe vera plant! Pretty cool - not that it made up for not seeing whales.

Of course, that big aloe was nothing compared to the giant redwoods! Lumpy was very excited at being amidst such tall trees.

He is much too fast, and the trees much too tall, so I could not get a shot of him scampering up the trees, but he agreed to pose nicely on a fallen tree before we ended our day.


I do not know the name of these flowering succulents, but I was fascinated by them. They were growing all over the cliffs, in several colors. You can click on the smaller images if you'd like to see more views of them.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lumpy's Spring Break: at the Hotel

This was a first for Lumpy: a stranger requested having a photo taken with him. Larry, the best doorman in San Francisco, asked when he spotted Lumpy flirting with a pretty girl in the lobby.



Monday, April 12, 2010

Lumpy's Spring Break: Alcatraz

We took Lumpy someplace he could climb around a bit: Alcatraz. There were lots of bars to climb on in there. He thought it a wonderful monkey playground.

Lumpy liked that he could slip easily through the bars and run around exploring the cells.

Here he is pretending it is Visiting Day. He's on the inmate side; Dad is on the visitor side. We were glad it was just a game.



Sunday, April 11, 2010



Lumpy's Spring Break: San Francisco

Lumpy's vacation excitement began on an airplane. He studied the emergency plan carefully, "Just in case," and listened attentively to the safety demonstration.

He saw all the city's sights from the cable cars and trolleys.

Wasn't he very brave with the Chinese lions?

He wanted to climb the bridge, but we said, "NO!" Then we promised to take him places he could climb another day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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