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Lumpy's Moose Hunt

We took Lumpy on a moose hunt this week.  He was, as you can imagine, eager to see his first moose.
We made it an overnight trip, hoping to spot moose both in the evening and in the morning.
Apparently moose, unlike Lumpy and I, are not early risers.
 Our first moose sighting!  Very exciting! 
It was past dusk, so this photo had to be lightened so you could see the moose, too.
Moose are not naturally afraid of people, so they do not run and hide when you stand nearby staring at them.
 See those two dark shapes way far away?
Those are moose, we promise.
My husband spotted a moose as he was driving - 
and they were on my side of the road, where I was really doing my best to spot them.
(Lumpy was napping.)
As we were looking at the first moose, the second came out of the woods!
 Lumpy investigated the crunchy willow Moose like to munch.
We walked about quite a bit in the locations where there had been recent sightings.
Our conclusion:  if you don't see a moose from the car, you won't see it walking around, either.
You wouldn't think such large animals could hide so well, but they do.
Finally, up close and personal with a moose!
This life sized fellow is made of barbed wire,
but don't worry, he isn't dangerous.

365-192 Morning Moon

365-191 Evening Moon

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Russian Festival

Today we went to a Russian Festival at a Russian Orthodox Church.  
Good food, good music, dancing children, bright colors -  a fun day!
These three little ones could not resist dancing to the music of the balalaika.  
So sweet!  The music was excellent.
This girl was my favorite.  I didn't see her without a smile all afternoon.  No posing here.  
She was just walking by me, selling her buns, smiling away. 
The beautiful Borzoi!
This young woman was some sort of welcome committee of one.  
I do not know the significance of the bread.  It was not for sale.  


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Denver Bookbinding

Today Lumpy toured the Denver Bookbinding Company.  
This bindery has been operating since the 1920's. 

Lumpy loved the giant book press, which dated from the 1800's and is still used.  

We learned that there are forty steps in the bookbinding process.  Our own little handmade journals did not have nearly that many, but we enjoyed learning about the process.

One of the books we were shown was a Bible from the 1600's!  It is having a few missing pages re-inserted and is being rebound.  Amazing!

Some of the books are sewed on the machine pictured below, but we also saw books being hand sewn. 

The owner, the third generation in this family business, shared many stories - some sweet, some very funny, about the types of orders they receive.  




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I joined Goodreads today, if you'd like to friend me.  I find it difficult to rate books or movies.  I think my sons are right:  I'm a tough grader.  So you might want to bear that in mind if you look at my ratings. 

If you are not familiar with GoodReads, it is a site for tracking what you've read, what you want to read, what your friends are reading, to read reviews, write reviews, all sorts of readerly goodness.  Several of my friends have won free advanced copies of books, too. 

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365- 182 Laughing Queen

My daughter and I went to the King Tut exhibit today.
No photos allowed in the galleries, but the gift shop was a different story.
How could I resist the Egyptian headresses?
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