Sunday, October 31, 2010

Packing Paralysis

Packing paralysis:  does anyone else suffer from this?  Every time I travel (except when I go home for the summer) I have this last minute indecisiveness. my destination, not being sure I should trust it, second guessing myself over important issues like which cardigan is the most versatile and should I take alternate weather wear just in case and what if I do go out and need a dress and why don't I own the perfect fall skirt and do grey tights really go with red shoes?  Stuff like that.  Which leaves me unable to put anything in a suitcase at all, until I want to go to bed and then I just throw in the same things I always wear.  Which are fine.  They always are.  Until I see photos of myself and wonder, "What was I thinking????"  I think that when I see photos of myself at home, too.  So I guess it really is fine.

Remember my moose hunt?

I finally downloaded the photos off my pinkie, and they were better than the ones on the dslr!  So I thought I'd share.

Baby Love, Books, and Procrastination

Did you think I was never coming back?

I've been so busy this past week.

My workload was doubled because I'm going out of town this week, so I needed to get two weeks worth of work finished in one.  And of course the copier stopped working, and the repairman did not show up until the next day.  Isn't that always how it happens?  The busier you are, the closer the deadline, the more likely office equipment is to turn against you.  In the end, everything got done, and things should run smoothly in my absence.

All my spare time for the past two weeks was devoted to knitting this blanket for a friend who is expecting her firstborn in a month.  The shower was yesterday.  I just love making things for babies!  So why did I wait until two weeks before the shower to begin?  She's been pregnant for 8 months already!  Have they found the gene for procrastinators yet?  Is there a cure?  Too late, I've already passed it along to the next generation.

I had to drag myself to the shower, however, because the book I've been waiting for since spring finally was published and waiting for me at the library at 10am Saturday morning. 
All Clear by Connie Willis.

Read Blackout first.  Then All Clear.  You will be glad you did.  Really.  I cannot imagine anyone who enjoys well written fiction disliking these books.  Historical fiction and time travel and Agatha Christie all in one book.  Sounds awful, but it is marvelous.

The two are one book, but it was published, cruelly, in separate volumes, making us wait from May to October to find out how things ended.  So get on the waiting list for All Clear, and read Blackout until you get called.  I actually re-read Blackout on Friday (the blanket was done), then - after the library was closed - I saw that All Clear was waiting for me.  So I was there when they opened the doors Sat.  Read until the shower, came home, read until I was done.  When I finally put the book down, I realized I had a raging headache (from reading for almost two days straight) and sense of loss (because I didn't want the story to end, even though I wanted to see how it ended) when I was done.  I'd be tempted to read them both again if I were not leaving tomorrow.   I love how Connie Willis writes:  her characters are so real, no matter the circumstance they find themselves facing.  They are real people, and likable people, (likable at least in these books; I've not read all her books).  You care about them.  They'd be your friends if you lived down the street.  You just know it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Trixie thinks she is a bird dog.

It's an issue on which we cannot agree.  I am of the "feed the birds in winter, enjoy their songs year round, try to photograph them if possible" mindset.  Trixie is of the "chase them, try to catch them, at least keep them out of my yard" mindset.


The bird is not quite in focus, but I like the composition and bokeh so much that I am sharing it anyway.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Horse chestnuts are not edible.

Monday, October 18, 2010



Roses will keep blooming here until it snows or freezes.

Prize Winning Pie

My daughter baked her first pie last Friday, and entered it in a pie contest at our church Hoe-Down.

She won "Best Overall!"  The prize was a pair of free meal certificates for Macaroni Grill.  Very much appreciated by the baker.

M, she's planning to bake one at Thanksgiving especially for you.



Monday, October 4, 2010





What is wrong in this picture?

This is an age reveal test.  
If you remember the 80's, you will instantly see what is wrong with this young woman's attempts to recreate that fashion era.
By that, I mean what is inaccurate, ignoring the obvious, "Why would anyone do that?"

I'm not going to make you come back tomorrow for the answer.
It's the socks.  Those are bobby socks attempting to be slouchy socks.  
Attempting, not succeeding.  
Slouchy socks are probably the only part of that original look that is worth bringing back.  
Does anyone else remember how comfortable those socks were?  
No tight elastic, no extra seconds of labor to fold them neatly, nice and warm.