Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blue Laurels: A New Favorite

It's only January, and I'm one quarter of the way to my goal of 12 blankets.  It helps that I started in November.  So, yes, that is one blanket each month, but it sounds more impressive the other way.

This pattern may be my new favorite.  It has only three rows, one of which is knit, one is purl, the third a simple pattern.  Better than that, however, is that it looks the same on both sides.  I love that in a blanket!  I'll probably knit this one again soon.

The pattern is from Our Best Knit Baby Afghans, and the yarn is Lion Brand's Pound of Love.  This is my favorite yarn for baby blankets, because there is no joining skeins, no extra ends to weave in or to pull out with later use.  These blankets are for a nursing home, and will be washed often, so it's perfect here, too.  The two other blankets I've finished for this goal were made with Caron One Pound, and I will not buy that again, even though the color selection is better for adults.  It is not nearly as soft and doesn't drape as well.  I think the yardage is less, too.

As an aside, I'm considering doing that Amazon affiliate link thing.  Anyone have any experience or thoughts on that?  Do people really buy things that you link on your blog?  Or I'm I misunderstanding how it works?  I do not want ads on my blog.


Roberta said...

About Amazon affiliate:

I review a lot of books at my Wrapped In Foil blog ( I have found being an affiliate is nice because I can supply a link to the book I'm reviewing, or the author I'm highlighting, and the readers can instantly get to other reviews and product information. I don't get a lot of money, it basically pays for having my own domain name and server.

Katia said...

I so agree with about the Caron One pound. My favorite One Pound brand, is the Lion Brand. It drapes very well and it's very soft.
What a beautiful thing to make them for a nursing homes. I am making some, but haven't set a goal yet, maybe I should set it like yours, one a month. I am donating mine to a large church who auctions them and use the money to support their local food bank.

OK, this is the little I know of the program you are asking about. Yes, you will have ads on your blog. As people click on the link you make a little, not much at all, even if they don't buy, if they buy you make just a bit more.... but I am not sure on this one. I don't like blogs with ads on them either.

Patty Ann said...

I love your blanket! I am trying to teach myself to crochet and also to knit. I am not very good with it, but hopefully will improve. I totally love that pattern and think I may get the book on baby blankets. First, I need to learn to read the directions. They can be just a little intimidating.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful goal! I think it is wonderful to make 12 blankets.

Responding to your comment:
My seasons picture was taken on my recent trip down in California. The trees where I live are bare and leafless. I had the pleasure of enjoying scenes of nature in a different area. The landscaping, trees and flowers were stunning!

Anonymous said...

Love this blanket. I used to knit, finding it relaxing actually. Hopefully one day again. I don't like ads on blogs either unless I'm anticipating that is the main focus on the blog--to promote, review, and sell product.

Kim said...

The Blanket is beautiful. and making 12 is a big goal.. I have knitted a few sweaters in my life for my children, but that was many years ago, But I did pick up the knitting needles and knitted a new baby sweater, But mumms the word until it arrives at my sons house at the end of this week. Then I will post the pic.. I wanted to keep it a surprised.. Our new Grand daughter will be born Jan 31. with a C- section. The Doll I made was porcelain, I bough the mold, but did all the rest, even my own firing, painting sewing and so on.. the eye lashes have fallen off. So she has been ruffed up. Have a great night.. Kim

Missus Wookie said...

I have an afghan crocheted by Karen from MMM which is Lion brand and that is beautifully soft. What a cool goal to do twelve :)

Amanda said...

Such a pretty blanket! Love the color and the pattern