Sunday, January 30, 2011

thoughts on: Murder at the Vicarage

Murder at the VicarageMurder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

I'd never read a mystery novel before, which is rather surprising because my mom loves them, and our house was always littered with mysteries.  They just never called out to me; there was always so much else I wanted to read.  Last year, after reading Connie Willis's Blackout/All Clear, I read that one of her inspirations was Agatha Christie.  In fact, she considers Blackout/All Clear to be her Agatha Christie novel.  I loved Blackout/All Clear, so decided that I must read an Agatha Christie.

Then, of course, there was so much else I wanted to read that I did not get around to reading Agatha Christie.  This year, because of my blanket knitting goal, I'm planning to listen to books on tape.  So when I was at the library and saw the mystery section of audio books, lightbulb! 

I chose this as my first Agatha Christie because it is the first appearance of Miss Marple.  I'd read that she is less likable here than in later books, but I enjoyed her in the Vicarage.  This was an easy listen:  nicely written, appealing story, good reader.  I enjoyed the first person narrator, the Vicar.   Is that usual for Agatha Christie? 

I'm sure I'll listen to another Agatha Christie in the future, but I did not love it so much that I'm ready to embrace the entire genre.  There is just so much else out there to read.


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Totally opposite of me. I used to read mysteries almost exclusively. I started probably in junior high with Nancy Drew, Alfred Hitchcock, and Agatha Christie. I love a good mystery.

The Reader said...

The only Agatha Christie I have read is And Then There Were None (aka Ten Little Indians), which we had as a reading assignment in school ages ago. I do not think it was 1st person, though it was very good.

I'd love to read more of her stuff, though; perhaps this is a good place to start. Personally I love mystery, so it's a wonder I've not read more of her stuff.

Missus Wookie said...

My Dad loves reading Agatha Christie books whilst Wookie loves watching Agatha Christie. You could watch the various shows (Dad says each of the Marples is right in a different way ;) they are often available at libraries too.