Tuesday, February 8, 2011

365/32 A photo shoot gone wrong

I'm trying to photograph my new blanket, Purly Jane, this morning, before going to work.  It's snowing outside, so no direct sun.  The color of this blanket is making it hard for me.  I don't know why (if you do, please share), but large whitish things seem problematic for autofocus.  My manual focus abilities are little better.  Anyway, Lumpy is under the blanket, looking cozy and warm.

Too warm, apparently, because Trixie decided she needed that cozy spot.  Now, I have to say, I wish I'd had the camera on auto, because here is Trixie in action, all blurry, because I clicked away at my not-meant-for-action settings.  Her entire routine took maybe a half minute. 

 Excuse me, Lumpy, please share.
 Too flat, need to bunch this blanket up a bit.
 Still bunching.
 Not quite right yet.
 Okay, I think I've got it scrunched up enough.
 Let me try it out.
 This look is telling me that she is not satisfied with the blanket situation.
This is a, "Thanks, Mom, you always know how to get the blanket just right."
Now she is happy, under the blanket, kravitzing out the back window.


Anita said...

Beautiful blanket, Trixie is adorable, I love when dogs arrange blankets to their liking, it's the cutest.

Missus Wookie said...

glad you knew how to solve the problem. I got up to answer the door to find (yet again) a cat in my nicely warmed spot. At least they'd not drunk my coffee...

Patty Ann said...

My Yorkie does the same thing every night to make himself comfortable in the bottom of the bed. It is so crazy!! Love your pics, even if some are blurry. They tell a story!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! My dog would so do that!

Magnolia_Mom said...

This is GREAT! I totally laughed out loud at how she's getting it just right. Dogs are so funny.

Kathy C. said... cute. My dog is just as spoiled! ;)

Tracy said...


Amanda said...

That was so cute!