Friday, April 8, 2011

365/80, 81 The mysteries of gardening

Gardening is always a mystery to me.  I plant with no estimation of survival rates.  Last fall, I planted a couple hundred new bulbs and a couple dozen pansies.  Bulbs are winter hardy, and they bloom before my tree leaves, so they seem a good choice.  However, the fall was very warm, and many of them sprouted leaves, so I wasn't sure if they'd bloom this year.

Of the 100 anemones I planted, three reds have bloomed.  None of the whites. 
All of the pansies have sprung back to life.


Kristal said...

I think I'm going to focus on planting bulbs this year. I need some color!

So your pansies from last year rebloomed? I think ours just die.

Tracy said...

So pretty!

Flower Photography said...

Pretty pretty!!

Leslee said...

Such pretty flowers!!!