Saturday, April 23, 2011

365/90 Knitting box, interior

I keep a box with my current project beside my usual seat on the sofa.  I knit when I watch tv and when I am just hanging out on the sofa with my husband.  The box matches the ones that hold library books and magazines, and it has handles so I can move it from room to room when needed.

The Donald tin holds folding scissors, measuring tape, large tapestry needles, and a stitch counter.  When I take a project on the road with me, I grab that tin, the project itself, pop them in a bag and go. 


Kristal said...

Great idea! I have a foldable one next to my chair. And for stitch markers, needles and little things I have a pill organizer like thing that is as big as a travel soap holder. It is perfect for those items.

Flower Photography said...

Wish I could knit. I love the blue.

Tracy said...

Great idea!

Missus Wookie said...

I used to do similar, except mine was embroidery wayyy back then. Need to find some hobbies I can take like that again. I'm aware of not being able to do bits on the move.

Also why I moved my main crafting area to a part of the downstairs room that I can hang out with Wookie and still craft.