Sunday, April 24, 2011

365/94 A personal goal

One of my goals is to take better candids of my grandchildren than I did of my children.
I am not anticipating grandchildren anytime soon, but I need a lot of practice, so that is a good thing.
(It is a good thing for all sorts of better reasons, too.)

Anyway, I try to snap a few shots whenever children do visit me, which is always harder than I think it will be.  Photographing them requires me to not be actively playing and interacting in my usual way.  For example, holding a baby and taking her photo, it's just not possible, and I'd rather get the baby snuggles.  I am enchanted by building the train tracks, dyeing the eggs, discussing who was the greatest Jedi, popping bubbles, and digging for worms with children.  See why I will need years of practice?


Tracy said...

Pretty girl!

The Reader said...

Oh my goodness, yes, that is the problem.

I usually give myself a time frame in the beginning or middle once some fun activity has begun -- "I will take pictures for the first 15 or 20 minutes" (or whatever). Then the camera goes away, and I play instead. Because I want to capture these moments, but I also want to build memories.

Maybe something like that (a time limit on when the camera comes out) would help? 'Course, with visiting children maybe you have to wait for them to warm up and get distracted so they ignore the camera; that likely makes it harder for you.

Still, if your recent photos are evidence, I'd say you are doing a pretty great job so far!

Sheri said...

But it is such a sweet shot!

Kristal said...

Sweet shot... yes it is hard to "play" and take pictures. But sometimes the memory of the activity in picture is just as meaningful as playing!

Anonymous said...

I love her expression you caught. I have trouble with candids too, because kids are moving all the time!

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Oh yes! I am getting my chance to practice now (as you could see by my photo). :)
Hope you had a nice Easter.
~Naila Moon

red said...

Mom! No talk of grandchildren, please? It's scary.

Flower Photography said...

Sweet shot!

Missus Wookie said...

I too am not ready for grandchildren - which as you said for lots of reasons.

I like to have the camera there and remind myself to take photos - think about what shots I want and try to get those. So 'a shot of the train track', 'x in full flow explaining something', 'y holding a bubble' gives me a list which normally leads to other shots.

Most kids these days like to see themselves in the camera and are happy to have their photo taken.