Friday, April 8, 2011

Bobblicious: Blanket 7

This, the seventh blanket toward my goal, completes the set of six blankets from the Quick Knit Keepsakes booklet. I have another, bigger, book of blankets I'll be moving onto next.  I've only knit three of its patterns.  One was for this project.

The combination of bobbles and hot pink remind me of bubble gum, thus the name of this one.  If I were in the nursing home, I'd like the hot pink blanket.  I hope the various colors and patterns don't create envy among the elderly.  I read a charity knitting post on Ravelry that suggested making all items the same for charity knitting so as not to have some items more desirable than others, but I think gifting every person an identical blanket would only emphasize their institutionalization.  I'd rather, if it were me, have a blanket different than my neighbors, even if I do think theirs is a bit prettier.  At least I'd recognize my own blanket.

What do you think?

(Lumpy refused to pose under a pink blanket, but was determined to included in Lucy's photo shoot.)


Kristal said...

I love this one! But I've loved them all. I agree, everyone should get a unique to them blanket.

Lil Seesta said...

I agree with you - individualism is something I'd like to keep if I were in similar.