Monday, April 25, 2011

thoughts on: Color Me Confident

Color Me Confident: Change Your Look - Change Your Life!Color Me Confident: Change Your Look - Change Your Life! by Veronique Henderson

I came upon this book at the library while browsing for sewing books and decided to check it out because I have friends who use this system and love it. Now, I have to say, I began with a bias. My natural inclination is to believe that if you like a color, you should be happy wearing it.

This is an update on the Color Me Beautiful system, which used to assign everyone into one of four color groups, named for season. Now it has been expanded to eight groups, not named after seasons. I'm willing to give this my best effort, so when on page 32 I see that all people whose hair has red tones should turn to page 58, I do just that.

Page 58 declares me to be "warm." Page 59 tells me not to wear baby pink, one of my favorite colors. Pages 60 and 61 give me a color palette that includes apricot, stone, and taupe, which all make me look/feel washed out, blah, and sad.

Pages 62 and 66 attempt to further classify me as either "warm and soft" or "warm and clear." The test is to see whether I look better in peach or pumpkin and moss or olive. I already know the answers: pumpkin and moss. This helps not at all, because one is soft, the other clear.

I'm still upset over the no baby pink rule, as pink t-shirts in summer are my happiest choices. Also, they say I should not wear black, which I do often. Also grey. Either this system is flawed or I look much worse than I think.

I decide to move on to the next section of the book. This section is about body shapes, and here I easily identify my "full hourglass" figure, which is basically a chubby hourglass. All the advice here is very similar to the What Not to Wear books, which I find to be sensible. (The books are by the British ladies, not the American duo.)

The final section - finding your style - starts with a quiz. I love style quizzes! Ten questions, six possible style categories. Five of my responses fall into one category. Yes! Consensus! This should be good! According the quiz, my style is "natural." This sounds like it might fit until I turn to page 152 and read that "Trousers worn with flat shoes are your preferred option for maximum comfort and practicality," and, "You have many interests but reading fashion magazines is not one of them."

Truth: I don't really like trousers or jeans and I love looking at style blogs. Give me Vogue over Newsweek any day. They totally lose me when they suggest I wear a tunic over pants for an evening out. Pants! When I could be wearing something pretty and girlie? Never.

The quiz is fatally flawed because three of the questions are about hair, make-up, and accessories. I am minimalist about all three, but that does not mean I want to go about in earth toned loose fitting clothing day after day. Working in the garden, yes, but out to lunch? No way.

So, they got one out of three sections right for me. One was totally off, and one may or may not be correct, but I am not giving up my pink tees in favor of peach.


MotleyMince said...

I think that is one of those things you can't write a book about. If you really want to know what looks best on you but can't tell, you need to get someone who has a talent for clothing to go shopping with you.

Also i think that ones style has more to do with ones personality then body and such.

Missus Wookie said...

I'm glad you aren't giving up your pink t-shirts even if I wouldn't wear one unless paid ;) I think such systems are too general - I like earth colours and am slowly getting into more girly bits and pieces.

Oh - and I also think your family would have enjoyed EasterCon. If only we were a wee bit closer hmm?