Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Drawstring Bags

If the blog were named "Read, Sew, Repeat...." I'd tell you that I whipped up these drawstring bags in 15 minutes, but it's named "Read, Knit, Repeat..." so I'll tell you that I spent all morning making these.  It was a last minute project, the bags are needed tomorrow.  I thought it would take just as long to troll about the stores looking for drawstring bags as it would take to make them.  I'm not sure I was right about that.  I was right in thinking I had all the needed supplies at home, and it was a much more pleasant morning spent sewing while hanging out with my husband and my dog than it would have been driving from shop to shop.

1 comment:

The Reader said...

those are cute!! They don't look terribly hard, but then, I've never done a bag at all and definitely nothing with a draw string!! Impressive!