Saturday, April 23, 2011

I solved a blogger problem this morning.

I love how easy it is to use blogger, but I hate how glitchy it is, and how problems do not get fixed.  As my husband points out, it is free.  Expecting fantastic customer service for a free product is bound to lead to frustration.  It does.

One new problem I experienced was getting an unsolicited blog on my dashboard news feed.  This intruder blog was not listed as one I was following, but there it appeared, post after unwanted post.

This morning, I looked the problem up on blogger help, which is not very helpful.  I followed some links, googled a bit.  The advise was that it was tagging onto a blog I do follow.  Since it started recently, I began systematically unfollowing blogs I had been following only in the past few months.  No, that did not help.

As I was doing this, another intruder post appeared.  Grrrr  Then, it occurred to me to look at google reader instead of dashboard.  Voila!  There was that intruder, at the top of the list, pretending it came from a blog I do follow, that I had been following for over a year!  I unfollowed it.  The intruder disappeared.

The blog which it had latched onto was no longer active.  Still there, but the owner stopped using it.

I feel victorious for a change.

Now, if only I could figure out why my own news feed is on serious delay or fix the problem with my own followers feature.

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Leslee said...

Good for you on your victory!! I too have recently begun to experience issues with blogger... Currently working with a friend to re-desgin my blog. Hopefully that will help! Next step is going to WordPress...