Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little dining room makeover

I've been planning to recover four of the dining chairs for, oh, about a year now.  Yesterday, the final nudge came from seeing my friend's fantastic new pillows.  This morning I head to Joann's to buy fabric.  I have in mind something more graphic, less textural; something more black and white, less red.  (I love red, but I have a red sofa and several red chairs.  Enough red.)

The problem is, I don't love any of the black and white prints available.  One is almost okay, but not okay enough.  Then I spot this yellow.

Um, why?  I ask myself.  This is totally not what I am looking for.  The walls are yellow.  Yellow chair seats will not look great in there....but I really like the graphic design.  It's so happy!

Then I spot this red, but there is barely enough on the roll for my needs.  I love red, but I don't need more red chairs......but I really like this one, and I think it would work well.  Nothing else I see even comes close to these two.  I buy both.  They are on sale, roughly $10 each.

I bring them home, drape them on the seats of my chairs and look at them.  Then I eat lunch, dither about a bit, look at them some more.  It's obvious.

My daughter comes home from school, and together, we do this:
I have two ideas for the yellow.  When I decide which it will be, I will let you know.


The Reader said...

Oooh, I love both fabrics! The chairs do look great with the red, though. I think it looks more sophisticated, polished, formal yet fun and funky at the same time. The yellow is wonderful, but I agree with your choice for sure.

Inspirational, too! Maybe I'll cover my chairs....what kind of fabric is it? Just a normal cotton?? Or something sturdier for chairs??

Kristal said...

Love the new chair cover!

Tracy said...

Love the makeover and the color!

armchairknits said...

I absolutely love these chairs! The fabric is perfect.

Sarah said...

Maybe I should bring my chairs to your house!