Saturday, April 23, 2011

Padded Bolt Bag, ie Crafting for a Man

I enjoy making things more than I enjoy having things.  So I am always pleased when somebody needs something, and I can make it for them.  My husband needed a bag to protect a rifle bolt, so I made him this padded one.  I made it the same day I was making the afikomen bags*, and stitched up the binding yesterday when we were watching Dr. Who (the new series, not the old ones).

*You never know how your handcrafted items will be received.  I made a dozen of those bags for the seder, thinking they would be saved and reused in coming years.  The kids loved those bags!  The littlest ones who found them did not want to let them go.  They were instantly treasured possessions.....which, as the crafter, thrilled me.  Five of them went home with their finders.  So I will be making more for next year.

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