Sunday, May 29, 2011

365-111-114 A Day with Friends

Today held a special treat:  friends from several states away are here in my state vacationing, and we spent the day together.  I did not bring out my camera until the last half hour, so I did not get photos of all of her family.
The girls both sat for a few photos.  The little one asked to have her picture taken, and, when her big sister wandered back outside for a few minutes, I asked if she'd let me take a couple photos.  Both are such pretty and sweet girls! 
It could be nature or nurture, or more likely both, because their mom is lovely, too.  I didn't ask her to pose, but snapped this candid as she was watching her littlest.
I love how he is keeping his hand on his mom.


Anonymous said...

That last shot is precious. They are all lovely.

Kristal said...

Hey - I know them! How fun to see them on another blog!

Tracy said...

Always fun.

Sarah said...

How on earth did I miss this???????? Thanks for the lovely photos and even lovelier time!