Monday, May 16, 2011

Better with Wings

I decided to both make a flock and add wings to the unloved bird.  My daughter and I worked on these together, mostly hand stitching, but some parts were done by machine.  The wings were all done on machine, then attached by hand.  The heads were all handsewn.  Some of the breast pieces were handsewn, some machine.

There are seven little blue birds.  Each is unique in its combination of fabrics and quality of stitching.  (My daughter did much more attractive head seams, but my tails are neater).  Yet they are all related because they share fabrics.  They are cousins.

Or grandkids, depending on your point of view.  In June or July, we will be mounting them on a branch, which may or may not be painted white, and installing them at my mom's house.  "Installing" makes them sounds like a work of art, doesn't it?  I'm thinking, rather than a mobile, of putting a branch in a pretty flower pot filled with plaster.  Depends on what appeals to my mom.  So, Mom, think about it.

Now that I've made them, I have to revise my opinion that $80 for a mobile made of birds is a ridiculous price.  If they are handsewn, the maker is earning less than minimum wage at that.  I still wouldn't pay it myself, but it is a fair price.....but, regardless, birds should not be wingless.  Adding the wings made all the difference in how I feel about these.


Kristal said...

Oh I love them with wings!

The Reader said...

They really are tons better with wings!! wow! Love that they'll be attached to a white branch and installed at your mom's house. How fun!

You have some really beautiful blues in there, too....(sighs wistfully)....What happy birds they've become!

Robin said...

Love the colors. Your birdies are so cute!