Friday, May 13, 2011

I do not love this bird.

I went to a craft/flea last Saturday, and one of the items I saw there was a bird mobile:  small fabric birds on branches, suspended by clear line.  Cute.  $80.  Not that cute.  I googled when I came home and found the free pattern for the birds and sewed one up this morning, using scraps from a quilt I never finished.  Difficult to see in these photos, but the chest is a print of birds.

I sewed it by machine, but the head was a bit pointy and the chest jutted out oddly.  So I took the stuffing out, turned it inside out again and went over those areas with hand stitching.  That evened them out nicely, I think.

 These are the befores, showing the wonky angularity.

Still, I don't love this bird.  It is cute, but holding it in my hand, its lack of wings and eyes displeases me.  I might still make more and mobile-ize them; perhaps en masse, varying in fabrics, they would have greater appeal.  I don't know.  Should I add wings?  I put little French knot eyes on this one after photographing, barely visible, but knowing they are there matters to me. 


Anonymous said...

You did a good job! I do think wings would be a nice touch.

Patty Ann said...

what a great idea for a girls bedroom. I love them.

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Wings, yes. I think you did a good job none-the-less. I see the eye too, nice touch!
~Naila Moon