Wednesday, May 11, 2011

thoughts on: World of Geekcraft

World of Geekcraft: Step-by-Step Instructions for 25 Super-Cool Craft ProjectsWorld of Geekcraft: Step-by-Step Instructions for 25 Super-Cool Craft Projects by Susan Beal

I read/look at a lot of knitting and craft books, and I've decided to go ahead and post my thoughts on some of them, too.  I'm not going to include them on my reading list in the sidebar, but I'll share my ramblings with you.

I am not quite geeky enough to recognize everything in this book, but I'm geeky enough to enjoy it anyway.  The book is very well done.  Not only do we get geeky crafts, beautifully displayed, but we get background on each designer, websites where we can see more of their crafty or geeky selves.  I especially like the "best geeky memory" feature for the artisans.

Truthfully, most of the crafts featured do not appeal to me.  Even if we had saved all the Star Wars action figures, I would not be making terrariums for them.  Nor do I feel the desire to memorialize Oregon Trail hunting expeditions or anything relating to Mario.  I did enjoy looking at everything, and I like seeing craftiness cross the country-motif barrier.  It's wonderful to see people of all sorts making things that reflect their own interests.

There were three projects which stood out to me:  a morse code quilt, a mosaic toolbox, and a cute robot stitchery.  Two of those are on the front cover.  I doubt I'll ever make the quilt or toolbox, but I am trying to think of what I could embellish with that robot.  A placemat would be perfect.  Maybe a pillow.

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The Reader said...

Okay, this sounds very very cool. Added it to my Amazon shopping cart, and yes, please keep reviewing the craft/knitting books you read.

I was surprised by the description, as when I saw the title alone I thought maybe a treatise on the influence/impact of certain games on the population at large. Don't judge a book.....

LOVE the surprise to find it was a craft book!