Sunday, June 12, 2011

365-123 to 130 A week filled with gardening, birds, and books.

This week, we finally got our new plants in the ground.  
Trixie and I did a lot of weeding and sniffing about the gardens, too.
We also rested on the porch quite a bit.
The porch is our favorite spot for resting and reading these days.
I'm enjoying a book published in 1941, which still has its original library stamps in it.
I love the wording on the reminder.
On Wednesday, we helped kids at our church sew birds (like the ones we made for my mom)
to be taken as gifts on a mission trip.
My own daughter is fairly crafty, so I forgot that many kids have no experience with skills like threading a needle and tying a knot.  
Most did quite well, but I do have some tidying up to do; 
I'm afraid the wings will fall off a few of the birds otherwise.
We looked at other kinds of birds, too.
Ducklings are always a happy sight.
I hope you had a good week, too.


Kara said...

love the flowers, and other photos are wonderful!

Kristal said...

I love the photos - looks like a good week. How is Trixie?

Sandpiper said...

How cool to have a book with the original date stamps in it!
Sounds like a lovely week.

Tracy said...

Pretty flower shot.