Tuesday, June 14, 2011

365-131 to 134 Rocky Mountain National Park

We have company this week, so we visited Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday.  
Since I am lagging behind in my 365, I decided to share more than one from our day there.
K. was our lucky charm for wildlife sighting.  
We've seen big horn sheep in various locations in our state, but never before in RMNP.  
This shot was taken from a moving vehicle, because the park volunteers were there
to make sure we did not get out of our vehicles and approach the sheep.
We weren't even allowed to stop near them.
There is still plenty of snow in the mountains.
Trixie, as you can see, still gets around just fine.

Plenty of snow.
Plenty of moose, too!  
We saw a record (for us) four moose in one day, including this young bull.
As I said, K was our lucky charm.  All the animals came out to see her.
She also saw the yellow bellied marmots, who hibernate eight months of the year.
I did not see them, because I - stupidly - forgot to throw real shoes in the car.
Hiking in snow in flip flops did not appeal to me.
(The snow photos I took while standing in the plowed parking lot.)


Kim said...

yes, there was plenty of snow where we were too!
crazy weather!
great capture of the moose! Wow! that is close!

Tracy said...

LOve the Ram and the last two!!!

Kristal said...

Great pictures and I can't believe how much snow!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, hiking in flip flops would be hard! Theses are all great shots. We have a lot of mountain ships in our parks too.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Those are awesome! That's funny that you had flip-flops. Sounds like something I'd do. RMNP is so beautiful.