Thursday, June 16, 2011

thoughts on: Women of Britain, Letters From England

Women Of Britain - Letters From EnglandWomen Of Britain - Letters From England by Jan Struther

This volume, published in 1941, contains letters written by women in Britain, to relatives and friends living in the United States. They cover just over a year - from late summer 1939 to fall 1940 - of life in Britain, written by many different women. Young girls, great grandmothers, women of all ages and stations of life wrote about their daily lives and feelings about the war. Most of them assured their mothers, sisters, and friends that they were safe, that they were confident of eventual victory, that they did not want to leave England.

I simply loved reading these letters, in all their variety. Each telling a bit of her story, whether it was a description of their shelter, their volunteer work, days spent canning, recitations of food prices, praise for the RAF, friendly gossip, or polite declinations of offers to take children, altogether they gave such a vivid picture of the spirit that reigned during that year.

When I was finished, I saw on Goodreads that Jan Struther, who wrote the introduction, was the author of Mrs. Miniver.  I have not read that book, but seeing the movie as a young girl is what first sparked my interest in this little time and place in history. 

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MAAM said...

I love the movie Mrs. Miniver. It would be interesting to read the book.