Friday, August 12, 2011

365-Is there any point in continuing the numbers?

I have been so sporadic, that I don't see any reason to continue numbering my photos. I am months behind schedule. I still plan to share photos, but I'm not even attempting to do so with any regularity. Life just hasn't been that orderly lately. So, I'll continue with the "365" tag through the end of the year, but I totally understand if other 365ers stop following me....if any of you still are.


Kristal said...

I love this shot... and I'd never stop following you!

How is your dog feeling - Trixie, right?

Missus Wookie said...

Glad you are continuing - you can take your time and just get to 365 at some point :)

The Reader said...

Can I just say I am totally jealous of this shot???? WOW.

The crispness of the little pink parts sticking up from the center, so distinct against the pink petals.....WOW. The fuzz so clear on the fuzzy part, the way I feel like I could reach out and touch

I have these same kinds of flowers, but I do not recall a single of the many attempts I made turning out nearly this good. Awesome focus and framing. That little curl of petal peeking up in the bottom is perfect. Really, really great.