Tuesday, September 20, 2011

365 Kittens

I visited a friend today and enjoyed watching her kittens play.  
The kittens, four brothers, are a few days shy of eight weeks. 
Two are not quite black.  They look black here, but they have subtle stripes.
One was ashy-white, with blue eyes, grey mittens, and a very independent personality.
The fourth looks like his mama and has her sweet cuddle-me personality.
He was my favorite, because he took his nap on my lap.
When they are not napping, they are all four maniacs.
This is one of their favorite games:
Attack your brother around the vertical blinds!

It was fun to see them before they go to their new homes.


Jan said...

Wow Super pictures. They are all taking naps now. I'll show them they are now famous when they wake up!

It was really fun visiting with you today!

The Reader said...

Oh, cuteness! We have kittens on the brain, as I've promised The Artist we will get a new cat when we're settled after the move. If only these 4 weren't so far away -- the little ash white one looks adorable!

Great captures of the kitties, too. You have superhuman focusing abilities to get such clear shots amongst such action. Great job!

Kristal said...

Adorable! I love kittens... but I'm not so much in love with my 17 year old cat. She is pulling on all our last nerves.

Kara said...

Oh fun! Loving the kitty pictures!

Anonymous said...

They are cute! And great captures. (but kittens are crazy...just sayin')!!!