Tuesday, October 18, 2011

365 Both Kinds

I have both kinds of dogs:  floppy eared and pointed eared.
Dog ears are so expressive!  

Jeb's ears are like velvet; we love to pet his soft ears.  He loves it, too.
The bandana is a first; he was given it at the vet's yesterday.  
All the techs and the vet told me what a sweet natured boy he is, very cooperative.

Trixie's ears work like radar, pivoting to better track what is going on.
I love the way she hold her nylabone in her paws.  
She only ever chews one end, leaving the other intact for a better handle.


Kristal said...

My dog only chews on one end too! Her years are like Jeb's but she does not like you to touch them.

Pigtown*Design said...

when i was looking for a paint colour, i wanted it to be "connor's ear pink" you know, that lovely shell colour inside the dogs' ears!