Saturday, November 19, 2011

Angora Sweater Pillow

A friend kept telling me it was easy to make a pillow from a sweater.  She has made several, but I think she is more talented than I am, so I wasn't convinced.  Wrong!  It was super easy.  My big fear -  the whole thing unraveling and falling apart - did not happen.

We bought sweaters at the local thrift shop.  This one was an angora blend which I think had been washed on the wrong setting.  It isn't completely fulled/felted, but it is rather dense.  It looks like it shrunk length-wise; maybe starting life as tunic length.  Or maybe that is how it was made.  Who knows?  I washed it when I first brought it home, on the wool cycle, so it was clean and waiting for me.

Can you see the sequins?  So not something I would wear, but for a pillow, it is just right.  I love the softness, the cables, the colour.  I think it is perfect for winter.  So cozy. 

Because the knit was so dense, I did not make an inner pillowcase for it.  I just sewed straight lines around the front panel, left an opening, turned it, stuffed it with fluff, and hand stitched it closed. 

I am already looking forward to making more pillows.  Most of mine are a decade old.  Time to freshen things up a bit. 


Kristal said...

Oh I love it!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! And it looks so soft!

Missus Wookie said...

Oh that is pretty. Glad it was easy to.

Jenn said...

Now this sounds neat! I have a ton of sweaters in my closet I could use for this project.