Friday, November 18, 2011

Loving my Crafting Space

We did two major things to our basement this fall:  we knocked out a huge built in bar, and we replaced the carpet with laminate flooring. 

The bar, like all horizontal surfaces in our house, seemed to have a gravitational pull of its own, collecting clutter from every passerby.  I have hated it all eight years we have lived here, because it used up a good 40 square feet of the room.  I wish I could find the photos of it.  It was not hideous, just huge, two levels of tile countertop, one bar height, one counter height.  The base was drywall; it was built in when the basement was finished by the prior homeowners. 

Now that it is gone, we have a dedicated craft space.  I have a table of my own, and my daughter has her drafting table.  I never had the luxury of being able to leave works in progress laying out before now.  That often meant I just didn't start something, because I didn't want to get out the sewing machine, gather the supplies from their homes in various rooms, set everything up, be interrupted, not get back to it, and have to put everything away undone so we could use the table for something like breakfast or dinner or schoolwork.

Not anymore!  Now all the craft supplies are in one space.  Yep, the sewing supplies, the glues, the papers and paints, the fabrics, the bits and bobs I collect thinking I might make something out of them.  They all reside in the basement now.  (Not all the yarn has made the move yet.)

I took the sewing machine out on Wednesday to line the Hogwarts bags, and did not put it away when I was done.  Did not get back to it yesterday, but since it was still out, today I finally made a sweater pillow.  I know I would not have made the pillow if the sewing machine had not still been sitting out.

I love having this space so much that I am going to show you what it looked like today, as I made the pillow.  It's a mess.  Usually, I wouldn't want to show my house looking messy, but I think you will appreciate seeing my space in action.  I meant to take photos of it last week when I had my Craftastic friends over.  There were six of us, all working on our own projects while chatting and snacking - loved it!  However, I was holding a baby as much as I could, so I forgot to take pictures.

(To help you visualize, the bar was located where my sewing table is.  It covered most of that window.  Huge.)


Kristal said...

How awesome! I'd love a dedicated space for crafting and so would my daughters.

And loved the lining on the bags!

The Reader said...

I do love it! Thanks for showing it in its natural state and not all tidied.

I especially love the little red wagon for pulling around supplies and things. Cute!

Anonymous said...

Nice! And like the red wagon full of projects!

Missus Wookie said...

Love the space and light - plus yep that little red wagon. I too fond that having space to leave things out means I tackle more projects. So glad you finished and are enjoying it.